Penser les interactions entre le politique et l'économie (introduction)

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Title Penser les interactions entre le politique et l'économie (introduction)
Author DACHEUX, Éric; LAVILLE, Jean-Louis
Description Researchers in political sciences, communication or sociology who are interested in the public sphere are not as concerned with a civil and solidarity-based economy perspective. Conversely, economists and sociologists working on the civil and solidarity-based economy often do not use the concept of the public sphere in their conceptual equipment. This type of compartmentalization is partly due to an opposition between work, defined as an alienating activity, and political activity defined as an action typical of the free man that many authors claim to borrow from Hannah Arendt and introduces a radical dichotomy between the economic and public spheres. However, as a historical investigation clearly indicates, the analytical distinction between the political order and the economic order cannot be transformed into an empirical dissociation. The civil and solidarity-based economy thus invites the researcher to think about economic activity and political activity together in order to look further into the concept of public sphere.
Subject économie solidaire, espace public, politique; civil society, solidarity, economy, public sphere, politics
Publisher CNRS Editions, Paris (FRA)
Date 2003

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