GLS2 (Glutaminase 2)

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Title: GLS2 (Glutaminase 2)
Author: Campos-Sandoval, José A; Martin-Rufian, Mercedes; Marquez, Javier
Abstract: Mammalian glutaminases are encoded by two paralogous genes, Gls and Gls2, presumably derived by gene duplication of a common ancestor. Each gene codes for two different isoforms. The two transcripts of Gls2, named GAB and LGA, arise through a surrogate promoter usage mechanism. In certain types of malignancies, such as glioblastoma and liver cancers, expression of GLS2 gene is repressed by promoter hypermethylation, which could contribute to the malignant process. The finding that ectopic expression of GLS2 could inhibit proliferation of these tumors led to the hypothesis that this isoenzyme, a transcriptional target of TP53, might play a role as tumor suppressor, in opposition to GLS, regulated by oncogenes and associated to tumorigenesis. However, recent findings indicate that GLS2 is upregulated in some types of cancer (NMYC-amplified neuroblastoma, cervical, colon and lung cancers) and this upregulation paradoxically correlates with poor clinical outcomes.
Subject: Glutaminase; Neuroblastoma; Cervical cancer; Colon cancer; Lung cancer; Genes Section; Ankyrin Repeat; Crystallography, X-Ray; *Evolution, Molecular; *Glutaminase/chemistry/genetics; Humans; Isoenzymes/chemistry/genetics; *Models, Genetic; *Models, Molecular; Protein Domains; Protein Structure, Quaternary; Animals; Glutamic Acid/biosynthesis; Glutaminase/*metabolism; Glutamine/metabolism; Humans; Proteomics; Research/trends; Animals; Carcinoma, Hepatocellular/*enzymology/genetics/mortality/secondary; *Cell Movement; DEAD-box RNA Helicases/genetics/*metabolism
Publisher: ARMGHM - Atlas Génétique des Cancers
Date: 2019

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