AFDN (afadin, adherens junction formation factor)

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Title: AFDN (afadin, adherens junction formation factor)
Author: Huret, Jean Loup; Dessen, Philippe
Abstract: Afadin, the protein coded by AFDN (6q27), also known as AF6 or MLLT4, is a cytoskeletal and junction-associated protein that links nectins, transmembrane proteins, to the F-actin (actin cytoskeleton) in a type of cell-cell junctions: the adherens junctions (AJs). Afadin plays an important role in AJs integrity and apical-basal polarity. There is growing evidence of it's role in carcinogenesis.
Subject: Afadin; AFDN; AF6; MLLT4; Cytoskeleton; Cell-cell junctions; Adherens junctions; Apical-basal polarity; Epithelial-mesenchymal transition; Tight junctions; Mitotic spindle orientation; Migration; Nectin; Actin; Acute myeloid leukemia; Breast cancer; Colon cancer; Pancreatic cancer; Endometrial cancer; Gastric cancer; Osteosarcoma; Neurone synapse; Genes Section; *Active Transport, Cell Nucleus/drug effects; Animals; Cell Nucleus/drug effects/*metabolism; Cells, Cultured; Cerebral Cortex/cytology/drug effects/metabolism; Chromatin Assembly and Disassembly/drug effects/physiology; Cytoplasm/drug effects/*metabolism; Epigenesis, Genetic/drug effects; Estradiol/*metabolism/pharmacology; Estrogens/metabolism/pharmacology; Extracellular Signal-Regulated MAP Kinases/metabolism; Female; Histones/*metabolism; Male; Microfilament Proteins/*metabolism; Neurons/cytology/drug effects/metabolism; Phosphorylation/drug effects; Rats, Sprague-Dawley; Animals; Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Transcription Factors/genetics/*metabolism; Carcinogenesis
Publisher: ARMGHM - Atlas Génétique des Cancers
Date: 2019

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