Hommage à Line Carnero. La pluridisciplinarité au cœur

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Title: Hommage à Line Carnero. La pluridisciplinarité au cœur
Author: Baillet, Sylvain; Brunol, Jean; Chavel, pierre; Colliot, Olivier; Cuniot-Ponsard, Mireille; Dormont, Didier; Lalanne, Philippe; Martinerie, Jacques; Renault, Bernard; Tallon-Baudry, Catherine; Zalc, Bernard
Abstract: Line Garnero passed away in the night between July 12 and 13, 2009 after an intense but too short a battle against cancer. Line was one of the most active scientific figures of the medical imaging community. A major motivation to Line has always been to facilitate communication and mutual understanding amongst her collaborators, to help them build strong multidisciplinary partnerships and projects. In that respect, she was a visionary of the evolution in the organization and conceptions of academic research for multidisciplinary research. She has always been a strong proponent of an open and translational approach to research in applied science, within her group, her laboratory and as a Deputy Director of the new Research Center of the Brain and Spinal Chord Institute which has been inaugurated just recently on the campus of La Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris (France). This research center illustrates the multidisciplinary approach that Line cherished and nurtured all along her career: 400 scientists are now sharing the same environment and workspace to work on all aspects of neuroscience research: from genes to behavior and neuroimaging. This short text is a tribute to Line, and an attempt from some of her closest collaborators, to summarize her major contributions.
Publisher: Lavoisier
Date: 2010

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