L’embarras en communication

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Title L’embarras en communication
Author Galli, David
Abstract La relation avec l’autre, souvent compliquee, parfois desagreable, peut aujourd’hui etre evitee par l’usage d’interfaces d’echanges comme les reseaux socionumeriques. De nouvelles sociabilites moins contraignantes evacuent alors la question des corps qui se scrutent, s’impactent, et se synchronisent. Cet article propose d’articuler la communication et les emotions de deplaisir en montrant plus particulierement en quoi l’embarras est constitutif de la communication humaine. A la fois emotion sociale et experience sensorielle, l’embarras se conceptualise au prisme d’un necessaire examen pluridisciplinaire et d’une ethnographie aupres de sujets adolescents particulierement concernes par ces bouleversements communicationnels.Relating with others, which is often complicated and at times unpleasant, can now be avoided through the use of digital exchange interfaces such as social networking platforms. These new forms of less-constraining sociability set aside the question of bodies that scrutinize, have an impact on, and become synchronized with one another. This article explores the connections between communication and feelings of displeasure by showing the extent to which embarrassment is a constitutive aspect of human communication. Simultaneously a social emotion and a sensory experience, embarrassment is conceptualized through a necessarily interdisciplinary approach, which involves an ethnography of adolescents, who are especially affected by such disruptions of communication.
Subject embarras; communication humaine; émotions; sentiments; adolescence; réseaux socionumériques; embarrassment; human communication; emotions; feelings; adolescence; digital social networks
Publisher CNRS Editions, Paris (FRA)
Date 2018

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