Towards a Holistic CAD Platform for Nanotechnologies

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Title: Towards a Holistic CAD Platform for Nanotechnologies
Author: Kolonis E.; Nicolaidis, M.
Abstract: Nano-CAD, Bio-inspired systems, complex systemsSilicon-based CMOS technologies are predicted to reach their ultimate limits by the middle of the next decade. Research on nanotechnologies is actively conducted, in a world-wide effort to develop new technologies able to maintain the Moore’s law. They promise revolutionizing the computing systems by integrating tremendous numbers of devices at low cost. These trends will have a profound impact on the architectures of computing systems and will require a new paradigm of CAD. The paper presents a work in progress on this direction. It is aimed at fitting requirements and constraints of nanotechnologies, in an effort to achieve efficient use of the huge computing power promised by them. To achieve this goal we are developing CAD tools able to exploit efficiently these huge computing capabilities promised by nanotechnologies in the domain of simulation of complex systems composed by huge numbers of relatively simple elements.
Subject: Nano-CAD, Bio-inspired systems, complex systems
Publisher: TIMA Editions , Grenoble, France
Date: 2006

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