Production and application of metal-based nanoparticles

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Title: Production and application of metal-based nanoparticles
Author: Vasilieva K.; Tolochko O.V.; Yudin V.E.; Kim D.; Lee D.-W.
Abstract: nanoparticles, fabrication method, composite materialsA number of metal-based nanopowders such kinds as Fe, Co, Fe/Co alloy, Fe/C, Fe/organic shell were successfully produced by aerosol synthesis method. The mechanism of nanoparticles formation and the influence of experimental parameters on shape, size distribution, structure, chemical and phase composition of oxide-, carbon-, or organic- coated nanoparticles were evaluated. The sizes of particles can be varied from 6-100 nm with narrow size distribution. The several application fields of synthesized nanoparticles have been studied.
Subject: nanoparticles, fabrication method, composite materials
Publisher: TIMA Editions , Grenoble, France
Date: 2006

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