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Author: Venkatesh Kumaran P.
Abstract: nano gadget,Nano,CalculatorsNANO-CALCULATORS Nano in our hand... ABSTRACT : In this revolutionary world anything at anytime may happen, one of such thing is the evolution of Dermi-Nano calculators. Here we are using aromatic chain as the conductors and aliphatic chain as insulators. The polyphenylene molecules are the conductors in which transfer of electron occurs from right to left when voltage is applied on left hand side of the molecules which implies the flow of current from left to right. Then the methylene group is used as an insulator which is due to the presence of positively charged nucleus. This can be used as high value resistors .Using these conductors and insulators we have formed molecular diode with a methylene group as barrier in between donor and acceptor molecular chain. This molecular diode will operate similar to the semiconductor diodes. The resonant tunneling diodes are also designed in order to form basic gates. This allows the flow of electrons from one side to other from any of the sides of the molecular chain when there is a resonance between the incoming electron and the energy level. By using these molecular devices we have designed molecular gates like AND, OR, XOR, NOT. With these basic gates we have formed encoder, decoder, multiplexers, flip flops which are necessary for a calculator .All these molecular chains are ended with a gold molecule through thiol group to prevent further reaction with other molecules. For the display of the results we are using a light emitting polymer called poly( phenylene vinylene) which emits light with the passage of current or flow of electron through it. The color depends upon then the arrangement and combination of these poly (phenylene vinylene).The result to be displayed is given to these display devices through molecular encoder, decoder etc. All these molecular diode, gates, encoders, decoders, multiplexers , display devices are fabricated over a bed which consists of gallium arsenide(undoped), n++ silicon doped GaAs,n+ silicon doped GaAs and finally n+ GaAs layers to form a better substrate. The power supply for the whole circuit is obtained from the sun through a molecule called “Rhodopsin and bacteriorhodopsin”. These molecules have the capability of trapping and storing energy from the sun light. These molecules are placed on the outer surface of the calculator to trap the energy and store it themselves for latter usage. The thickness of the whole circuit measures less than 300nm.The top layer is made up of layer which will show the different keys and a display unit. “Molecules are not only meant for compounding But also for computing”
Subject: nano gadget,Nano,Calculators
Publisher: TIMA Editions , Grenoble, France
Date: 2006

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