CCD thermoreflectance thermography system : methodology and experimental validation

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Title: CCD thermoreflectance thermography system : methodology and experimental validation
Author: Raad, P.-E.; Burzo, M.; Komarov, P.-L.
Abstract: This work introduces a thermoreflectance-based system designed to measure the surface temperature field of activated microelectronic devices at submicron spatial resolution with either a laser or a CCD camera. The article describes the system, outlines the measurement methodology, and presents validation results. The thermo-reflectance thermography (TRTG) system is capable of acquiring device surface temperature fields at up to 512 512 points with 0.2 ƒÊm resolution. The setup and measurement methodology are presented, along with details of the calibration process required to convert changes in measured surface reflectivity to absolute temperatures. To demonstrate the systemfs capabilities, standard gold micro-resistors are activated and their surface temperature fields are measured. The results of the CCD camera and our existing laser-based measurement approaches are compared and found to be in very good agreement. Finally, the system is validated by comparing the temperatures obtained with the TRTG method with those obtained from electrical resistance measurements.
Subject: Thermoreflectance, Thermography, CCD, experimental validation, temperature field measurements
Publisher: TIMA Editions , Grenoble, France
Date: 2006

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