Ultrafast temperature profile calculation in IC chips

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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2042/6586
Title: Ultrafast temperature profile calculation in IC chips
Author: Kemper, T.; Zhang, Y.; Bian, Z.; Shakouri, A.
Abstract: One of the crucial steps in the design of an integrated circuit is the minimization of heating and temperature non-uniformity. Current temperature calculation methods, such as finite element analysis and resistor networks have considerable computation times, making them incompatible for use in routing and placement optimization algorithms. In an effort to reduce the computation time, we have developed a new method, deemed power blurring, for calculating temperature distributions using a matrix convolution technique in analogy with image blurring. For steady state analysis, power blurring was able to predict hot spot temperatures within 1°C with computation times 3 orders of magnitude faster than FEA. For transient analysis the computation times where enhanced by a factor of 1000 for a single pulse and around 100 for multiple frequency application, while predicting hot spot temperature within about 1°C. The main strength of the power blurring technique is that it exploits the dominant heat spreading in the silicon substrate and it uses superposition principle. With one or two finite element simulations, the temperature point spread function for a sophisticated package can be calculated. Additional simulations could be used to improve the accuracy of the point spread function in different locations on the chip. In this calculation, we considered the dominant heat transfer path through the back of the IC chip and the heat sink. Heat transfer from the top of the chip through metallization layers and the board is usually a small fraction of the total heat dissipation and it is neglected in this analysis.
Subject: Image blurring, Green's function, temperature-aware design, fast thermal simulation
Publisher: TIMA Editions , Grenoble, France
Date: 2006

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