Thermal Benchmark and Power Benchmark Software

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Title: Thermal Benchmark and Power Benchmark Software
Author: Marcu, M.; Vladutiu, M.; Moldovan, H.; Popa, M.
Abstract: Power consumption and heat dissipation become key elements in the field of high-end integrated circuits, especially those used in mobile and high-speed applications, due to their increase of transistor count and clock frequencies. Dynamic thermal management strategies have been proposed and implemented in order to mitigate heat dissipation. However, there is a lack of a tool that can be used to evaluate DTM strategies and thermal response of real life systems. Therefore, in this paper we introduce and define the concepts of thermal benchmark software and power benchmark software as a software application for run-time system level thermal and power characterization
Subject: thermal benchmark, thermal characterization, thermal sensor, power benchmark
Publisher: TIMA Editions , Grenoble, France
Date: 2006

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