Optimised curing of silver ink jet based printed traces

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Title: Optimised curing of silver ink jet based printed traces
Author: Radivojevic, Z.; Andersson, K.; Hashizume, K.; Heino, M.; Mantysalo, M.; Mansikkamaki, P.; Matsuba, Y.; Terada, N.
Abstract: Manufacturing electronic devices by printing techniques with low temperature sintering of nano-size material particles can revolutionize the electronics industry in coming years. The impact of this change to the industry can be significant enabling low-cost products and flexibility in manufacturing. implementation of a new production technology with new materials requires thorough elementary knowledge creation. It should be noticed that although some of first electronic devices ideally can be manufactured by printing, at the present several modules are in fact manufactured by using hybrid techniques (for instance photolithography, vapor depositions, spraying, etc...).
Subject: printed electronics, optimised curing, thermomechanical stress
Publisher: TIMA Editions , Grenoble, France
Date: 2006

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