A silicon-based micro gas turbine engine for power generation

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Title: A silicon-based micro gas turbine engine for power generation
Author: Shan, X.-C.; Wang, Z.-F.; Maeda, R.; Wu, M.; Sun, Y.- F.; Hua, J.-S.
Abstract: This paper reports on our research in developing a micro power generation system based on gas turbine engine and piezoelectric converter. The micro gas turbine engine consists of a micro combustor, a turbine and a centrifugal compressor. Comprehensive simulation has been implemented to optimal the component design. We have successfully demonstrated a silicon-based micro combustor, which consists of seven layers of silicon structures. A hairpin-shaped design is applied to the fuel/air recirculation channel. The micro combustor can sustain a stable combustion with an exit temperature as high as 1600 K. We have also successfully developed a micro turbine device, which is equipped with enhanced micro air-bearings and driven by compressed air. A rotation speed of 15,000 rpm has been demonstrated during lab test. In this paper, we will introduce our research results major in the development of micro combustor and micro turbine test device.
Subject: Modeling and simulation of fabrication processes
Publisher: TIMA Editions , Grenoble, France
Date: 2006

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