Above IC micro-power generators for RF-MEMS

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Title: Above IC micro-power generators for RF-MEMS
Author: Oukassi, S.; Salot, R.; Bancel, S.; Pereira-Ramos, J.-P.; Gagnard, X.
Abstract: This work presents recent advances in the development and the integration of an electrochemical (chemicalelectrical energy conversion) micro power generator used as a high voltage energy source for RF-MEMS powering. Autonomous MEMS require similarly miniaturized power sources. Up to day, solid state thin film batteries are realized with mechanical masks. This method doesn’t allow dimensions below a few mm² active area, and besides the whole process flow is done under controlled atmosphere so as to ensure materials chemical stability (mainly lithiated materials). Within this context, Microelectronics micro-fabrication procedures (photolithography, Reactive Ion Etching...) are used to reach both miniaturisation (100x100 µm² targeted unit cell active area) and Above IC technological compatibility. All process steps developed here are realized in clean room environment.
Subject: Micro power generators, Energy conversion, Scavenging energy
Publisher: TIMA Editions , Grenoble, France
Date: 2006

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