Quality factor of PZT thin film transduced micro cantilevers

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Title: Quality factor of PZT thin film transduced micro cantilevers
Author: Lu, Jian; Ikehara, T.; Kobayashi, T.; Mihara, T.; Maeda, R.
Abstract: In this paper, quality factor (Q-factor) of piezoelectric Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 (PZT) thin film transduced micro cantilevers were investigated under atmospheric pressure. The mechanisms for energy loss during cantilever vibration were analyzed and discussed. It was found that Q-factor increases with the increase of PZT thickness while keeping other cantilever geometries unchanged. Shorter cantilever, especially when cantilever length to width ratio less than 2, results in preferred larger Q-factor, which can be as high as 450 when using 1.04µm-thick PZT film as the electromechanical conversion medium. Moreover, our results indicate that dielectric loss in PZT film and thermoelectric loss are significant as well as air damping even when PZT cantilever was actuated at atmospheric conditions.
Subject: Quality factor, PZT film, micro cantilever, micro resonator, MEMS
Publisher: TIMA Editions , Grenoble, France
Date: 2006

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