Cross-verification of thermal characterisation of a micro-cooler

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Title: Cross-verification of thermal characterisation of a micro-cooler
Author: Kohári, Z.; Bognár, G.; Kollár, E.; Horváth, G.; Poppe, A.; Rencz, M.; Székely, V.
Abstract: The thermal behaviour of a micro-cooler has beeninvestigated using two different measurement methods to verifytheir feasibility. The measurement sample was a square nickelplate micro-cooler holding 128 micro-channels in radialarrangement. In our previous studies it was attached to a powertransistor which was used as a dissipator and a temperaturesensor. The thermal transient response to a dissipation step of thetransistor was recorded in the measurement. The measuredtransients (cooling curves) were transformed into structurefunctions from which the partial thermal resistancecorresponding to the cooling assembly was identified. In thecurrent study the measurement setup was completed by a heat-flux sensor in between the dissipator and the micro-cooler to beable to verify the results extracted via structure functions.
Subject: Thermal characterisation microchannel cooler heat-flux map
Publisher: TIMA Editions , Grenoble, France
Date: 2006

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