Ultra-local temperature mapping with an intrinsic thermocouple

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Title: Ultra-local temperature mapping with an intrinsic thermocouple
Author: Cretin, B.; Charlot, B.; Dilhaire, S.; Tessier, G.; Trannoy, N.; Volz, S.; Vairac, P.; Genix, M.; Gomès, S.
Abstract: We report on a set-up derived from an Electrostatic Force Microscope (EFM) allowing us to probe temperature with a high spatial resolution. The system uses the well-known Seebeck effect through an intrinsic thermocouple made from an EFM conducting tip put in contact with a conducting sample. The contact radius between tip and sample is currently estimated to be in the 50 to 100 nm range depending on the elastic or the plastic deformation. The contact area can be assimilated to the electrical and thermal contact areas. In those conditions, the issue of heat conduction in air is solved. The thermal measurement is related to the Seebeck junction effect : it will therefore not be sensitive to buried materials or impurities.
Subject: Nanoscale temperature mapping, Electrostatic Force Microscope
Publisher: TIMA Editions , Grenoble, France
Date: 2006

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