Oficios artesanales en el latín medieval de Asturias y León

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Title: Oficios artesanales en el latín medieval de Asturias y León
Author: Pérez González, Maurilio
Abstract: After classifying the trades and professions that are mentioned in the medieval charters from Asturias and Leon, the author has confined himself to analysing handicraft professions, that is to say the work of those who perform a manual, more or less skillfull activity. He divides such professions into three groups according to the results obtained in 1995 by the Hispanist Mª Carmen Martínez Meléndez : 1) handicraft professions studied by Mª Carmen Martínez Meléndez ; 2) handicraft professions that are only used in the charters as family names or toponyms ; 3) handicraft professions that Mª Carmen Martínez Meléndez did not study. After an overall analysis of the Latin and Romance words used to designate those professions in the charters, he draws the conclusion that, thanks to the large number of editions of medieval charters published from 1995 onwards, it is now possible to state that the handicraft professions existing before 1230 in the kingdom of Asturias and Leon were many more than those taken into account by Mª Carmen Martínez Meléndez.
Publisher: Union académique internationale, Belgique
Date: 2013

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