ZMYND10 (zinc finger, MYND-type containing 10)

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Title: ZMYND10 (zinc finger, MYND-type containing 10)
Author: Zhang, Xiangning; Lerman, Michael I; He, Zhiwei
Abstract: The candidate tumor suppressor gene ZMYND10/BLU, is located on the minimal deleted fragment of 110 kb in chromosomal region 3p21.3. It was initially identified by PCR in search of the b-catenin homolog in lung cancer. BLU codes for a protein with 440 amino acid residues, which contains a zinc finger myelogenous nervy domain (zMYND) motif on its carboxyl terminus. The characteristic domain defines a ZMYNND protein family, some of its member have been found in the frequently affected region translocated during acute leukemias, and were described to be transcriptional repressors. BLU/ZMYND10 is inactivated in a variety of human tumors due to genetic or epigenetic mechanisms, but the function is largely unknown. It has been reported that similar with certain tumor suppressors, it donwregulates JNK/MAPK signaling to exert inhibition on growth and proliferation. ZMYND10 is implicated in the respiratory ciliary dyskinesia.
Subject: Genes Section; Humans; DNA Methylation; *Chromosomes Human Pair 3; Cell Line; Tumor; Tumor Suppressor Proteins/*genetics; Promoter Regions; Genetic; Gene Expression Regulation; Neoplastic; CpG Islands; Base Sequence; Animals; Tumor Cells; Cultured; Molecular Sequence Data; Mice; Genes; Tumor Suppressor; *Genes; Tumor Suppressor; Gene Silencing; Middle Aged; Mice; Nude
Publisher: Jean-Loup Huret (Editor-in-Chief)
Date: 2015

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