Three initiatives in terms of adaptation to climate change

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Title: Three initiatives in terms of adaptation to climate change
Author: Chaudron, A.; Lovero, M.; Garavaglia, V.; Liagre, L.
Abstract: The article focuses on three initiatives that have addressed the issue of climate change and adaptation to its effects, through field experimentation, administrations training and data production. The For Climadapt project (MED programme) has developed methods and tools for actors in the field, through field visits, exchange of information and sharing of experience. The GIZ regional project has contributed to the capacity building of forest and non-forest administrations, in five Mediterranean countries, through two approaches to adaptation to climate change: a sectorial, on the adaptation of forests, and a multisectorial on the role of forests in the adaptation of territories and populations (Forest Ecosystem-based adaptation, FEbA). The component 1 of the project financed by the FFEM has enabled the production of large amounts of data, in particular maps: vulnerability maps, evolution of forest cover and land use maps, future projections of climate conditions, database of the literature on the subject.
Subject: changement climatique; coopération internationale; adaptation au milieu
Publisher: Association Forêt Méditerranéenne, 14 rue Louis Astouin, 13002 MARSEILLE, France (FRA)
Date: 2015

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