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Massive structure monitoring: relevance of surface strain measurement

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Title: Massive structure monitoring: relevance of surface strain measurement
Author: Boucher, Maxime; Briffaut, Matthieu; Dufour, Frédéric
Abstract: Most of large civil engineering concrete structures have been instrumented for decades with embedded sensors. To prevent the eventual loss of data, complementary instrumentation of external surface has recently been deployed. This new instrumentation can take different forms but in all cases, to avoid damaging the structure, it will be only superficially anchored. Near the outer surfaces, thermo-hydro-mechanical concrete behaviour is more sensitive to varying environmental conditions than in the centre of the structures. Therefore, the strain measured near the outer surfaces is not identical to the strain measured by embedded sensors. Consequently the methods of classical physical-statistical analysis must be reviewed. Using a thermo-hydro-mechanical finite element modeling calibrated on a representative concrete and applied on a current part of a thick structure, this work confirms a dependence of strain on the depth. First results show that the depth impact affects both kinetic and amplitude strain.
Subject: thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviour; concrete; massive structure; variable environnemental conditions; surface monitoring
Publisher: AFM, Association Française de Mécanique
Date: 2015

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