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Stereo-DIC using high magnification infrared and visible cameras

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Title: Stereo-DIC using high magnification infrared and visible cameras
Author: Charbal, Ali; Dufour, John-Eric; Hild, François; Poncelet, Martin; Vincent, Ludovic; Roux, Stéphane
Abstract: Measurements of kinematic fields are performed with an original combination of two different imaging modalities, (i.e. one IR and one visible camera). Stereo Digital Image Correlation (SDIC) procedures are performed with a global approach. The stereovision system is first calibrated by performing lens distortion corrections. Then the projection model parameters are determined thanks to the CAD (NURBS) representation of the 3D sample surface using an integrated approach. This CAD-based SDIC, offers the possibility to determine the specimen deformation. The simple case of3D rigid translational motions is experimentally tested and validated.
Subject: camera calibration; integrated-DIC; IR and visible cameras; stereo-DIC
Publisher: AFM, Association Française de Mécanique
Date: 2015

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