Implementation of the « cypress system » as a green firewall. Project CypFire

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Title: Implementation of the « cypress system » as a green firewall. Project CypFire
Author: Della Rocca, G.; Danti, R.; Raddi, P.; Moya, B.; Moya, J.
Abstract: The European project «CypFire» conducted study research and management of experimental areas of cypress located in 9 countries around the Mediterranean Rim, analyzing the behavior and functionality of the green firewalls of Mediterranean cypress; understory characterization in cypress stands; the assessment of morpho-physiological traits; and studies of laboratory flammability and combustibility of living parts and dead matter. The knowledge generated has provided valuable information for defining the basis for implementing the green firewall barriers of the «Cypress system», based on Mediterranean cypresses, and for action to reduce the fuel load and to delay the spread of fire, in line with the principles of preventive silviculture.
Subject: Cupressus (cyprès); coopération internationale; inflammabilité; combustibilité; pare feu (coupure de combustible)
Publisher: Association Forêt Méditerranéenne, 14 rue Louis Astouin, 13002 MARSEILLE, France (FRA)
Date: 2014

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