BAG3 (Bcl-2 associated athanogene 3)

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Title: BAG3 (Bcl-2 associated athanogene 3)
Author: d'Avenia, M; Guerriero, L; Rosati, A; Turco, MC
Description: Bcl2-associated athanogene 3 (BAG3) protein is a member of BAG family of co-chaperones that interacts with the ATPase domain of the heat shock protein (Hsp) 70 through BAG domain. BAG3 is induced by stressful stimuli, mainly through the activity of heat shock factor 1 on bag3 gene promoter.In addition to the BAG domain, BAG3 contains also a WW domain and a proline-rich (PXXP) repeat, that mediate binding to partners different from Hsp70.These multifaceted interactions underlie BAG3 ability to modulate major biological processes, that is, apoptosis, development, cytoskeleton organization and autophagy, thereby mediating cell adaptive responses to stressful stimuli. In normal cells, BAG3 is constitutively present in a very few cell types, including cardiomyocytes and skeletal muscle cells, in which the protein appears to contribute to cell resistance to mechanical stress. BAG3 is expressed also in several tumor types where it sustains cell survival, resistance to therapy, and/or motility and metastatization (Rosati et al., 2011).
Subject: Chromosome 10; BAG-3 (alias); BIS (alias); CAIR-1 (alias); MFM6 (alias); Apoptosis; Cytoskeleton; Angiogenesis; Proteasome; Signal Secreted factor; PLCG; RAS-RAF-MAPK; NF-kB; Genes Section
Publisher: Jean-Loup Huret (Editor-in-Chief) ; INIST-CNRS (Publisher)
Date: 2014

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