L'itinéraire énergétique

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Title: L'itinéraire énergétique
Author: BECHMANN, Roland
Description: Even if the greatest part of electricity is to be made by nuclear power plants, it can be used through much less wasteful processes than directly for heating : for instance by the means of heat pomps. New types of energy (solar, etc.) can also provide a not negligible complement in many cases. The wasted heat of the nuclear plants can be used if only these are safe enough to be built not too far from large cities. Storage of electricity as well as of heat is a problem to which there are some solutions : better ones can still be found. Anyhow the non-renewable resources of energy we still have must be used in priority to develop new technologies for instance the use of renewable sources (organic or vegetable materials, etc.). If new and less wasteful approaches were favoured, the nuclear programme could be, henceforth, reduced, and if the new Law for the Protection of Nature comes into practice, this programme would have to be, anyhow, altered - environmental criteria having, thus, an increased importance in the decisions.
Subject: énergie nucléaire; législation
Publisher: Association pour les espaces naturels, Paris, France (FRA)
Date: 1977

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