La pollution des eaux

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Title: La pollution des eaux
Author: PARES, Xavier
Description: Water is the main constituent of ail living substance. It is necessary for men in many different ways : thus it should be considered as Man's main resource. Today, water can no more be used as if it was inexhaustible : but when clean water becomes rare in our countries, the reasons are, generally, inadequate planification, insufficient forecasting, and uncontrolled development. Pollution of water is involved by the development of the Human Society, and cannot be avoided, but the author believes that through an ecological approach, better answers can be given to this problem. Endeavouring to clean and to purify the water, once it is polluted, is a limited and hopeless solution : against the increasing pollution involved by the predominance of private interests, a « responsable » planification needs to control the industrial means of production, and should give priority to a better organization of life for the people.
Subject: protection; eau; pollution
Publisher: Association pour les espaces naturels, Paris, France (FRA)
Date: 1977

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