Quelques exemples américains d'E.E.

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Title: Quelques exemples américains d'E.E.
Author: SOUCHON, Christian
Description: Several examples of E.E. from the East Coast of U.S.A. are described. Some focalize on documentation centers for teachers and students: generally, outdoor education is the main subject; in other places a great importance is given to documents for the school and seminars are arranged for the teachers. Some projects such as the "KARE» project give more importance to outdoor activities « Project survival » an experience in « New Humanities » from BiIlerica (Mass.) is amongst the most original and interesting projects; 50 are the activities of the « Group for Environmental Education» from Philadelphia which is mainly focalized on the man-made environment.
Subject: éducation; environnement
Publisher: Association pour les espaces naturels, Paris, France (FRA)
Date: 1977

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