Extraction et construction

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Title: Extraction et construction
Author: BECHMANN, Roland
Description: When Man had become discontented with living in caves or branch huts, he needed to search for construction materials and, therefore, he dug holes, excavated mines, and cut into mountains and hills to find the stones for building. Over many centuries this caused little damage to the environment, and to the landscape, but with modern means of excavating, this is no longer true, and it becomes necessary to make provisions for the renovation and landscaping of mining sites. But, as the sites become more scarce, the only ones left are the most difficult to exploit, and the need to make good also increases the price of the material itself. Therefore the building processes themselves may be changed in the future
Subject: matériaux; habitat
Publisher: Association pour les espaces naturels, Paris, France (FRA)
Date: 1979

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