Des forêts à l'architecture

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Title: Des forêts à l'architecture
Author: BECHMANN, Roland
Description: The author believes that many reasons for the rise and expansion of the Gothic style in architecture during the XII-XIIIth centuries can be traced to the changes which occured in the environment and to the state of the forests and land. This short abstract relates some of the topics of a paper published by « Pour la Science » (french edition of « Scientific American ») in February 1978. The author provides evidence of the links both of land use and use of forest with Gothic technology ; for example, the type of wood available for carpentry, centering, scaffolding and form work is important. Therefore the many changes in the ecological, technical, and social environment, which had some influence on the construction processes and on the building methods between the Xlth and the XIIIth century, changes in the forests have been important determinants of technical processes and new features of architecture especially in the building of cathedrals
Subject: forêt; habitat
Publisher: Association pour les espaces naturels, Paris, France (FRA)
Date: 1979

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