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Water resources; Sustainable management; Farming; Forest logging; Hydrological observation; Water quality; Intensive farming; Silviculture; Watershed; Land use; Forest zone; Rural area; Inorganic element; Inorganic nitrogen; Organic nitrogen; Aquitaine; European rivers; Sandy soil; Agricultural soil; Forest soil; Regional study; Field study; Gascony sandy soils -- France; Europe; Forestry; Hydrogeology; Hydrology; Environmental engineering; Water management; Water pollution (1)
Wind effect; Windfall; Damage; Hurricane; Perturbation; Forest regeneration; Disaster; Silviculture; Forests; Lower Saxony; 1970-1980; Case study; Method study; Regional study; Case history -- Germany; Europe; Bad weather effect; Biometeorology; Forestry; Temperate zone (1)
Windfall; Forest logging; Wood line; Wood industry; Land use; Forest production; Forest resource; Saw mill; Forests; Private sector; Public sector; Hardwood; Softwood; Basse Normandie; 1990-2000; Follow up study; Regional study; Economic statistics; Production statistics; FOREST PRODUCTS INDUSTRY -- France; Europe; Forest economics; Forestry; Producing country; Temperate zone (1)
Windfall; Marketing; Harvesting; Storage; Sales; Bad weather effect; Storm; Internal market; International market; Market price; Economic value; Volume; Forests; Public sector; Wood; Hardwood; Softwood; European Union; 1999; 2000; Economic study; Market survey; Trade statistics -- Forest economics; Natural hazard; Economic statistics (1)
Wood industry; Packaging industry; Packaging; Hardwood; Softwood; Type; Packing case; Pallet; Cooperage; Reactivity; Outlet; Use; Food industry; Goods services market; Evolution; Trend; State of the art; Perspective; 2000-2010; Producing country; World; Europe; France; Economic sector; Economic importance; Modernization -- Industrial economy; Wood line (1)
Wood industry; Plywood; Flake board; Fiberboard; Particleboard; Definition; Type; Manufacturing process; Production statistics; Producing country; Consuming country; Outlet; Perspective; Furnishings; Construction industry; Construction materials; Wood by product; World; North America; Asia; Europe; France; 2000-2010; State of the art; Economic statistics; Economic sector; Goods services market -- America; Wood line; Economic market; Industrial economy (1)
Wood industry; Saw mill; Sawing; Hardwood; Softwood; Economic importance; Economic sector; Economic statistics; Sector structure; Problem; Human capital; Industrial development; Technical progress; Technology; Orientation; 1990-2000; 2000-2010; State of the art; France; Evolution; Perspective; Strategy; Sawlogs; Forest products industry -- Europe; Industrialized country; Producing country; Wood; Wood line; Forest economics; Industrial economy; Century 20th; Century 21st; Exporting country; Importing country (1)
Wood industry; Supply; Paper pulp; Fiberboard; Particleboard (1)
Wood line; Wood industry; Product development; Regional development; Manufacturing; Upgrading; Feasibility; Quercus ilex; Raw materials; Finished product; Hardwood; Parquet floor; Herault; Regional study; Technicoeconomic study; FOREST PRODUCTS INDUSTRY -- Fagaceae; Dicotyledones; Angiospermae; Spermatophyta; Languedoc Roussillon; France; Europe; Forest economics; Industrial economy; Market economy; Hardwood forest tree; Mediterranean vegetation; Forest product; Mediterranean region; Industrialized country; Producing country (1)
Wood; Building timber; Durability; Preservation; Evolution; Futurology; Product development; Technical progress; Research and development; Wood preservative; Biodeterioration; Degradation; Biodegradation; Fungus resistance; Insect resistance; Protective treatment; Wood destroying fungi; Xylophagous; Fungi; Insecta; Wood heating; Heat treatment; Biocide; Chemical treatment; France; European directive; Environment impact; Environmental protection; Technical code; Wood construction; Goods services market; Properties of materials; Construction materials; Production quality; Wood industry; Building industry; Construction industry; Economic aspect; Sawlogs; Wood preservation; Oleothermic treatment; Chromated copper arsenate -- Thallophyta; Arthropoda; Invertebrata; Europe; Wood line; Chemical product (1)

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