Formal methods for multiscale models derivation

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Title: Formal methods for multiscale models derivation
Author: BRASSART, Matthieu; LENCZNER, Michel; NGUYEN, Thi Trang
Abstract: We present a new mathematical object designed to analyze the oscillations occurring on both microscopic and macroscopic scales in a wave equation with oscillating coefficients and data. Through a Bloch wave homogenization method, our study addresses typical problems of two-scale convergence in the interior of the domain, and sheds some light on the behavior near the boundary. A decoupled system (systems) of transport equations is derived in each energy band, and the total energy field is approximated. We also recover previously known results in homogenization as a restricted part of our model.
Subject: Dynamique, ondes et vibrations
Publisher: AFM, Maison de la Mécanique, 39/41 rue Louis Blanc, 92400 Courbevoie, France(FR)
Date: 2011

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