//Clear default text of emty text areas on focus function tFocus(element) { if (element.value == ' '){element.value='';} } //Clear default text of emty text areas on submit function tSubmit(form) { var defaultedElements = document.getElementsByTagName("textarea"); for (var i=0; i != defaultedElements.length; i++){ if (defaultedElements[i].value == ' '){ defaultedElements[i].value='';}} } //Disable pressing 'enter' key to submit a form (otherwise pressing 'enter' causes a submission to start over) function disableEnterKey(e) { var key; if(window.event) key = window.event.keyCode; //Internet Explorer else key = e.which; //Firefox and Netscape if(key == 13) //if "Enter" pressed, then disable! return false; else return true; } Search


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