A 3D logic modeling for 3D electronic circuits (3D-MID)

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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2042/37350
Title: A 3D logic modeling for 3D electronic circuits (3D-MID)
Author: ROUMIZADEH, Behrouz; CHOLEY, Jean-Yves; RIVIERE, Alain; PLATEAUX, Régis; PENAS, Olivia
Description: We start from the 2Dlogic presentation of the circuit (schematics) and end up to a 3D physic-modeling of the circuit. In the schematics the logical-connections will be presented. As in final the geometry, placement of the components and the connections will be presented in CAD systems like CATIA. In this paper we will present a methodology that from the 2Dlogic will perform a 3Dphysic which we call it the 3Dlogic environment. The programming language will be MODELICA and DYMOLA used as a solver.
Publisher: AFM, Maison de la Mécanique, 39/41 rue Louis Blanc - 92400 Courbevoie
Date: 2009

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