Osborne Reynolds: the Turbulent Years

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Title: Osborne Reynolds: the Turbulent Years
Author: LAUNDER, Brian
Description: The paper summarizes aspects in the life of Osborne Reynolds, FRS, with particular attention to: his appointment to the newly established Chair of Civil & Mechanical Engineering at Owens College Manchester in 1868; hitherto unreported aspects of his personal life concerning his second marriage; and the period from 1883 to 1895 during which his pioneering and much cited papers on turbulent flow were published, despite in one case strong criticisms from the referees. The paper also examines Reynolds’ unsuccessful applications in 1884 for professorships in London and Cambridge. The former was for a position requiring a major organizational role which, had his application succeeded, may well have prevented his Reynolds-decomposition analysis from being written.
Publisher: AFM, Maison de la Mécanique, 39/41 rue Louis Blanc - 92400 Courbevoie
Date: 2009

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