PaleoParks - The Protection and Conservation of Fossil Sites World-Wide

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Title: PaleoParks - The Protection and Conservation of Fossil Sites World-Wide
Author: Gaitán Morán, Javier; Pagès, Jean-Simon; Chen, Xiaohong; Wang, Xiaofeng; Cheng, Long; Wang, Chuanshang; Lipps, Jere H.; Granier, Bruno R.C. (Ed.); Lipps, Jere H. (Ed.); Leonov, Maxim V.; Goldstein, Alan; Jintasakul, Pratueng; Ivantsov, Andrey Yu.; Fedonkin, Mikhail A.; Sameeni, Shahid Jamil; Hayward, Bruce W.; Grote, Paul J.; Boonchai, Nareerat; Álvarez Arellano, Alejandro; Magyar, Imre; Erdei, Boglárka; Kázmér, Miklós; Császár, Géza; Nyborg, Torrey; Khan, Yuriy V.; Malyutin, Eugeniy I.; Serezhnikova, Ekaterina A.
Abstract: • Chapter 1. PaleoParks: Our paleontological heritage protected and conserved in the field worldwide • Chapter 2. The Triassic Guanling fossil Group - A key GeoPark • Chapter 3. The GeoPark of Haute-Provence, France - Geology and palaeontology protected for sustainable development • Chapter 4. The protection and use of the geological and paleontological heritage in Baja California Sur, MexicoArellano • Capítulo 4. El resguardo y aprovechamiento del patrimonio geológico y paleontológico en Baja California Sur, México • Chapter 5. Protecting fossil sites in New Zealand • Chapter 6. The Salt Range: Pakistan's unique field museum of geology and paleontology • Chapter 7. Paleontological parks and museums and prominent fossil sites in Thailand and their importance in the conservation of fossils • Chapter 8. Managing fossil resources at the Falls of the Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, USA: A fossil park in an urban setting • Chapter 9. Paleo-piracy endangers Vendian (Ediacaran) fossils in the White Sea - Arkhangelsk region of Russia • Chapter 10. Copper Canyon track locality (Pliocene) conservation strategies, Death Valley National Park, USA • Chapter 11. A possible Late Miocene fossil forest PaleoPark in in Hungary
Publisher: Association "Carnets de Géologie"
Date: 2009

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