Douglas et tables de production

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Title: Douglas et tables de production
Author: Pardé, Jean; Ayral, Pierre
Abstract: SUMMARY. I) The remarkable coincidences existing hetvyeen the developmentof Douglas fir stand, in France and the yield tables recently constructedfor this species in Great-firitain by Hummel and Christieenable to prepare foi- our country yield tables, which, when completed.will include four duality classes.2) The following changes have been trade in the Hummel andChristie tables:a) Thinnings will take place at five years'interwalr until the ageof 35, then at 42, 5o, 58, 66 and 74 years;h) The top height is defined as being the average height of thea t "i A " category representing dominant trees, with a really fineand full crotonc) The number of ,tents at different ages is in accordance withthe standards of French stands;d) A new duality class will be created which corresponds to aproduction Of stel1twcod, front the start to 5o years, amounting to12 or 13 cubic meters per hectare and per year.Only the tables corresponding to the second and third qualityclasses can be constructed at present.3) ( )n the basis of the known regional data relative to the growthof the Douglas fir and of the four quality classes thus created,an attempt has been clade to draw up a map of the Douglas firproductions in France. Every number shown on the neap correspondsto the duality class giving the best possible local production.( Traduction Grosdidier.)
Publisher: ENEF, Ecole nationale des eaux et forêts, Nancy (FRA)
Date: 1956

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