Les Champignons des maisons

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Title: Les Champignons des maisons
Author: Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Eaux et Forêts
Abstract: RÉSUMÉ DES PRECAUTIONS A PRENDRECONTRE LES CHAMPIGNONS DES MAISONS. 1° Employer des bois secs dont l'origine ne soit pas suspecte;2° Renoncer l'emploi de tous matériaux susceptibles de servirde véhicules aux spores ou aux filaments du champignon;3° Isoler les fondations et les sous-sols le mieux possible desplanchers du rez-de-chaussée;Eliminer toutes causes d'humidité surtout lorsqu'elle estassociée, soit un dégagement ammoniacal, soit "à un airconfiné;5'' Pratiquer une ventilation énergique et judicieuse;6° Traiter les bois par des antiseptiques convenables toutesles fois qu'une reprise d'humidité semble redouter.SUMMARY. Three kinds of fungi attack wood, both in House and ships:itierulius domesticus, Porto vaporaria, which determine what is called(«Iry-rot » in wood and another less frequent, Phe//i/ots cryptarimn.The first of these three is by far the most frequent and themost dangerous.llerulins domestic-its is recognisable by its mycelium. whichforms agglomerations of strings or scabs which allow dampnessto ooze out. The fructifications are in the form of plaited surfacescabs, covered with brown spores. The fungus needs dampness to develop itself ; want of aeration,the presence of alcaline substances, darkness, are circumstanceswhich favour its spreading.The defence against house fungi requires' first of all, precautions-in the building- of houses: The use of well seasoned wood, theavoidance of fungus-invaded timber, the suppression of causesof dampness in walls and basements. sufficient ventilationof the spaces between ceiling and floor. It is, besides. useful to coatwoods exposed to fungi with antiseptic substances, among- whichmatters containing « phenol » are the most to be recommanded
Publisher: ENEF, Ecole nationale des eaux et forêts, Nancy (FRA)
Date: 1953

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