Un Manuel forestier de l'an X

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dc.contributor.author LORENTZ, B. -
dc.contributor.author ROGER, R. -
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dc.date.issued 1933 fr_FR
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/2042/33499
dc.description.abstract A FORESTRY MANUAL OF YEAR X - The unrecognized work of Jean-Georges-Bernard LORENTZfirst director of the School of Forestry. - The Annals have published in 1929 the first lectures givenat the Forestry School of Nancy from 1825 to 1829 by LORENTZ.Professor HUFFEL in his introduction has clearly emphasized thefeatures of this instruction, which remains at the basis of thedevelopment of ideas about forestry in France, during the nineteenthcentury. This instruction was very closely in touchwith German Sylviculture, with the works of BURGSDORF andHARTIG, and by virtue of this, it is shown to have brokendeliberately in many respects with the traditional French Sylviculture,as practised by the officers of the « Master Crafts ».In his work M. BLAIS first studies shortly the developmentof forestry ideas in France between the beginning of the Revolutionand the establishment of the School; then he presentsa Forestry Manual which appeared in Year X of the Republic(1801-1802). This book constitutes a very remarkable elementof transition between the French and the German Sylviculture.Extracts from the most interesting chapters are reported,which reveal that the author of the Manual did not contenthimself with stealing from his predecessors, but succeeded inconciliating them and in making a really synthetic exposition.The chapter on the methods of forest-organization by areaand volume is very significant in this respect.In a concluding section M. BLAIS studies the problem of theauthorship. The Manual is the work of a certain J. B. LORENZ :there had never been any question of identifying this man never specially remarked until now, with the celebrated founder ofthe School of Nancy, whose biography was well-known inanother way. M. BLAIS proves this identification : he showsthat the "Forestry Manual" is attributable to the pen of theyoung Bernard LORENTZ, who was then Forest-ranger at Kirchheimbolandin the department of Mont-Tonnerre, an excellentobservation-post from which to study German sylviculture.Being given the strong personality of LORENTZ, this identificationhas not failed to rouse objections, which the authortakes pains to refute. Finally LORENTZ emerges from thishitherto unknown paternity with an enhanced reputation, andit is with a lively sympathy that he, who was destinated tobecome the intransigent advocate of conversions into highforest,may be seen seeking in his youth his true direction. en
dc.language.iso fr fr_FR
dc.publisher ENEF, Ecole nationale des eaux et forêts, Nancy (FRA) fr
dc.relation.ispartofseries Annales de l'école nationale des eaux et forêts et de la station de recherches et expériences
dc.rights Accès libre - Licence d'utilisation : http://irevues.inist.fr/utilisation
dc.source Annales de l'école nationale des eaux et forêts et de la station de recherches et expériences [ISSN 0365-1827], 1933, Vol. 5, N° 1; p. 1-44 fr_FR
dc.title Un Manuel forestier de l'an X fr
dc.type Article fr_FR

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