Les associations végétales et les types de forêts du Jura français

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Title: Les associations végétales et les types de forêts du Jura français
Author: GUINIER, Ph.
Abstract: THE PLANTS COMMUNITIESAND TYPES OF FORESTSOF THE FRENCH JURA MOUNTAINS - The Jura range comprises a series of steps of increasing altitude.The soil is calcareous everywhere, the climate characterisedby a heavy rainfall well distributed over the differentperiods of the year.The Jura range is on a large scale covered with forest and, onthe French slope, presents a series of forest types, the mountaincharacter of which is more and more pronounced. Their characteristicsmay be summed up as follows :RegionsSlopes of the firstplateau . . . .First plateau. . .Slopes of the secondplateau.Second plateau.High ranges .Forest types.Thermophilebroadleavedspecies forests.Mountainbroadleavedspecies forests.Fir woods.Fir woods mixedup with Spruce.Spruce woods Characteristic speciesQuercus sessiliflora, Q. pubescens, Aceropulifolium, Coronilla Emerus, Buxus sempervirens,Cerasus Mahaleb.Carpinrus Belulus, Quercus pedunculata,Fagus silvatica, Sorbus aucuparia, Carexpilosa, Polvgonatum verticillatum, Geraniumsilvaticum.Abies alba, Sorbus aucuparia, Loniceranigra, Sainbucus racemosa, Spiraea Aruneus,Prenanihes purpurea, Senecio Fuchsii.Abies alba, Picea excelsa, Rosa alpina,Ranunculus languinosus, Rubus saxatilis,Melampyrunz silvaticuni.Picea excelsa, Fagus silvatica, Ribespetraeunz, Salix grandifolia, Sorbus chamaenzespiles,Vaccinium Myrtillus, Saxifragarotundifolia, Veronica urticaefolia,Rumex arifolius, Bellidiastrum Michelii,Mulgedium alpinem.
Publisher: ENEF, Ecole nationale des eaux et forêts, Nancy (FRA)
Date: 1932

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