Les débuts de l'Enseignement forestier en France

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Title: Les débuts de l'Enseignement forestier en France
Author: Lorentz, Bernard; Huffel, Gustave
Abstract: THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE TEACHING OF FORESTRY IN FRANCE - After the disturbed days of the Revolution and of the Empire, it was found advisable to reestablish the Forest-Service in France; and the need appeared, of the foundation of a school in which would be trained the officers of this service. It was then decided, in 1824, to open a school of Forestry in Nancy, in the vicinity of the silver fir forests of the Vosges, of the beautiful broadleaved crops of the Alsacian plain and in the middle of the coppices with standards of Lorraine. The first Director and Professor of forestry in the new school was an Alsacian, Bernard Lorentz, born at Colmar in 1775.For seven years, Lorentz belonged to the forest-service of the provinces, — French at that time, — of the leftbank of the Rhine and thus had the opportunity of making a thorough study of the works of the German foresters, just issued, and specially of the famous treatises of Georg-Ludwig Hartig.There was no complete work on forestry at that moment,in France, and Lorentz had to improvise his teaching and to have recourse to the German publications, at least in the beginning. Lorentz was a professor at Nancy from 1825 till 1830.The object of Mr. Huffel's account, is to expose the evolution of the teaching during these six years. It shows all what had been borrowed to G. L. Hartig by the first professor of forest science at Nancy and what was the celerity with which Lorentz succeeded in creating an entirely original doctrine, well fit to the natural and economical conditions of France. The lectures from 1825 to 1929 which Lorentz drew up in writing, are carefully analysed in Mr. Huffel's review, the second part of which contains a detailed account of the practical work accomplished by the pupils of the royal forestry school from 1825 to 1830.There are studies on topography, management and reports on surveys and especially on the forest survey which Mr. Lorentz directed in the forests on the two slopes of the lower Vosges where he had the opportunity of exposing his views on the selection system of the silver- fir. This survey ended by a visit to a broadleaved forest of the Alsacian plain, at Haguenau, in which Lorentz showed to his young students an oak 2 m 40 in diameter at breast-height, still young and vigorous and which he presumed to be at least 500 years old.
Publisher: ENEF, Ecole nationale des eaux et forêts, Nancy (FRA)
Date: 1929

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