07 - Résonance des plaques et des cylindres : ondes guidées

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Title: 07 - Résonance des plaques et des cylindres : ondes guidées
Author: IZBICKI, J.-L.
Abstract: Cylindres finis, cylindres infinis, sphéroïdes, fréquences propres, résonances, ondes de surface hélicoïdales, incidence oblique, pôles de fréquence complexe, écartement (dédoublement) en m, courbes de dispersion, vitesse de phase, vitesse de groupe .
Description: The study of the normal diffusion of an ultrasonic plane wave by cylinders imbedded in water shows resonances which are the natural modes of vibration . When a natural mode of an elastic target is excited, the energy which is stored during the forced excitation is radiated after the end of the forced excitation. The observation of backscattered spectra obtained by the "Resonance Isolation and Identification Method" (RIIM) fi •om an aluminium cylinder shows supplementary resonances . The directivity pattern of the transducer is the cause of these supplementary resonances . The behaviour of these resonances is analogous to the resonances of plates. This leads us to study the natural modes of the cylinder . Ail the resonances which are experimentally detected may be considered as normal modes of the target .
Subject: Traitement de signaux ultrasonores, diffusion acoustique, spectroscopie acoustique, acoustique sous-marine, ondes guidées; Signal processing in ultrasonics, acoustic scattering, acoustic spectroscopy, underwater acoustics, guided waves.
Publisher: GRETSI, Saint Martin d'Hères, Grenoble
Date: 1985

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