A propos de quelques photographies cœlioscopiques

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Title: A propos de quelques photographies cœlioscopiques
Abstract: The makers are exposing their own experiment concerning the whole technics of shooting coelioscopic films, under cold light. They used WOLFF's fitting. as well for the exoflash as for the endoflash. They excluded photos taken under ordinary observation light, which gives very little and under-exposed negatives (diapositive n° 1, with 150 Watts, object lens 50 mm). With a flash, we can use a 110 mm tele-object, and, therefore, get much larger snapshots. The exoflash gives light enough, to allow closely snaps (diapositive n° 2), but as soon as the tube is within 5 cms from the organ, the photography gets under-exposed (diapositive n° 3), and, that, even if we extend the development to 400 ASA, or if we use very sensitized coloured films (500 ASA). With the endoflash, the light source being intra-abdominal, there is no loss of light and the pelvis panoramic views are very well exposed (diapositive n° 4, flash in position 3). The shooting films within 2 cms are, however, to exclude, because they get over-exposed, even if the flash is in position 1, particularly, for very clear organs. The makers illustrate their account, by several snaps taken with all the technics described above.
Publisher: Saint-George, Paris (FRA)
Date: 1971

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