Integrated RF MEMS/CMOS Devices

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Title: Integrated RF MEMS/CMOS Devices
Author: Mansour, R. R.; Fouladi, S.; Bakeri-Kassem, M.
Abstract: A maskless post-processing technique for CMOS chips is developed that enables the fabrication of RF MEMS parallel-plate capacitors with a high quality factor and a very compact size. Simulations and measured results are presented for several MEMS/CMOS capacitors. A 2-pole coupled line tunable bandpass filter with a center frequency of 9.5 GHz is designed, fabricated and tested. A tuning range of 17% is achieved using integrated variable MEMS/CMOS capacitors with a quality factor exceeding 20. The tunable filter occupies a chip area of 1.2 × 2.1 mm2.
Publisher: EDA Publishing, Grenoble, France
Date: 2008

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