Design Methodology and Manufacture of a Microinductor

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Title: Design Methodology and Manufacture of a Microinductor
Author: Flynn, D.; Desmulliez, Marc
Abstract: Potential core materials to supersede ferrite in the 0.5-10 MHz frequency range are investigated. The performance of electrodeposited nickel-iron, cobalt-iron-copper alloys and the commercial alloy Vitrovac 6025 have been assessed through their inclusion within a custom-made solenoid microinductor. Although the present inductor, at 500 KHz, achieves 77% power efficiency for 24.7W/cm3 power density, an optimized process predicts a power efficiency of 97% for 30.83W/cm3 power density. The principle issues regarding microinductor design and performance are discussed.
Publisher: EDA Publishing, Grenoble, France
Date: 2008

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