Sub-µ structured Lotus Surfaces Manufacturing

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Title: Sub-µ structured Lotus Surfaces Manufacturing
Author: Worgull, M.; Heckele, M.; Mappes, T.; Matthis, B.; Tosello, G.; Metz, T.; Gavillet, J.; Koltay, P.; Hansen, H. N.; Koltay, P.
Abstract: Sub-micro structured surfaces allow modifying the behavior of polymer films or components. Especially in micro fluidics a lotus-like characteristic is requested for many applications. Structure details with a high aspect ratio are necessary to decouple the bottom and the top of the functional layer. Unlike to stochastic methods, patterning with a LIGA-mold insert it is possible to structure surfaces very uniformly or even with controlled variations (e.g. with gradients). In this paper we present the process chain to realize polymer sub-micro structures with minimum lateral feature size of 400 nm and up to 4 μm high.
Publisher: EDA Publishing, Grenoble, France
Date: 2008

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