Large Area Roller Embossing of Multilayered Ceramic Green Composites

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Title: Large Area Roller Embossing of Multilayered Ceramic Green Composites
Author: Shan, X.; Soh, Y. C.; Shi, C. W. P.; Tay, C. K.; Lu, C. W.
Abstract: In this paper, we will report our achievements in developing large area patterning of multilayered ceramic green composites using roller embossing. The aim of our research is to pattern large area ceramic green composites using a modified roller laminating apparatus, which is compatible with screen printing machines, for integration of embossing and screen printing. The instrumentation of our roller embossing apparatus, as shown in Figure1, consists of roller 1 and rollers 2. Roller 1 is heated up to the desired embossing temperature ; roller 2 is, however, kept at room temperature. The mould is a nickel template manufactured by plating nickel-based micro patterns (height : 50 µm) on a nickel film (thickness : 70 µm) ; the substrate for the roller embossing is a multilayered Heraeus Heralock HL 2000 ceramic green composite. Comparing with the conventional simultaneous embossing, the advantages of roller embossing include : (1) low embossing force ; (2) easiness of demoulding ; (3) localized area in contact with heater ; and etc. We have demonstrated the capability of large area roller embossing with a panel size of 150mmx 150mm on the mentioned substrate. We have explored and confirmed the impact of parameters (feed speed, temperature of roller and applied pressure) to the pattern quality of roller embossing. Furthermore, under the optimized process parameters, we characterized the variations of pattern dimension over the panel area, and calculated a scaling factor in order to make the panel compatible with other processes. Figure 2 shows the embossed patterns on a 150mmx 150mm green ceramic panel. Figure 2(a) shows the embossed micro channels for embedded conductive interconnection, and Figure 2(b) shows the embossed micro coils which will be filled with an inductive material. We will enlarge the panel size to 300mm x300mm by using roller embossing. More details will be presented in full paper.
Publisher: EDA Publishing, Grenoble, France
Date: 2008

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