4 - Caicou: l'analyse d'images couleur

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Title: 4 - Caicou: l'analyse d'images couleur
Author: GORDILLO (J.-L.)
Abstract: On décrit CAICOU (système Conversationnel d'Analyse d'Images COUleur), un environnement interactif facilitant l'utilisation et la mise en œuvre d'algorithmes d'analyse d'images digitalées en couleur
Description: The CAICOU (Conversational Analysis of Color Images) system is an interactive environnement that simplifies the use and the implementation of algorithms for color image analysis. Processing is performed in two simultaneous steps : the extraction of contrast features to build closed regions, and the analysis of these regions to detect homogeneous features . Color information is important for both steps; providing the "best" color composent to the operator of contrast extraction, and characterizing region homogeneities by their color features . CAICO U has been successfully applied to the identification of electrical wires in stereo color images, and actually supports the system development for the synthesis of vision programs from assembly descriptions .
Subject: Traitement image; Image couleur; Vision ordinateur; Image numérique; Analyse image; Système conversationnel; Extraction information
Publisher: GRETSI, Saint Martin d'Hères, France
Date: 1987

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