3 - Architecture d'images discrètes binaires: outils géométriques

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Title: 3 - Architecture d'images discrètes binaires: outils géométriques
Abstract: On traite les 2 modes de représentation utilisés pour une image, à savoir la représentation par contour et la représentation par région. Procédé de filtrage, de description ou de décomposition de formes en vue d'une interprétation locale ou globale des objets représentés
Description: This paper deals with the presentation of geometric methods used to manipulate discrete binary images, in the aim to perform image understanding . This discussion is based on the use of two methods for representation of an image : by contour and by region . We shah discuss about filtering and methods related to the analysis of the global shape : decomposition and partitionning . We shah notice that shape analysis currently used decomposition processes into simpler entities, completed by a relational graph between the resulting primitives . We will present such a method based on the medial axis transform . This study is justified by a problem of treatment of submarine maps. To solve it, several of the presented methods have been used.
Subject: Analyse image; Traitement image; Structure; Image binaire; Méthode géométrique; Vision ordinateur
Publisher: GRETSI, Saint Martin d'Hères, France
Date: 1987

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