1 - Segmentation d'images: vers une méthodologie

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Title: 1 - Segmentation d'images: vers une méthodologie
Author: MONGA (O.); WROBEL (B.)
Abstract: L'algorithme procède par croissance de régions. Son originalité repose sur l'optimisation d'une suite de critères emboités
Description: We present an image segmentation method which may be applied to various tasks such as natural segmentation of monochromatic or color, three dimensional seismic or scanner images . Our algorithme is based on the region growing principle. Its originality lies on optimising the use of a sequence of criteria . We separate the common strategy of using segmentation criteria from the task specific definition of those criteria . This separation between algorithm and mathematical aspects of our method provides for its generality . Experiments results are shown .
Subject: Traitement image; Segmentation; Algorithme; Traitement numérique; Vision ordinateur
Publisher: GRETSI, Saint Martin d'Hères, France
Date: 1987

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