3 - Identification et codage d'objets en un passage par analyse d'image

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Title: 3 - Identification et codage d'objets en un passage par analyse d'image
Abstract: On présente le module de codage précédant la phase de reconnaissance des formes dans un système de détection automatique d'objets
Description: This paper describes the coding phase that precedes a pattern recognition in a system of automatical object detection . The shapes to be analysed are modelled by simple geometrical figures (rectangle, ellipse) ; this identification is made by a one pass calculation of the smaller number of geometrical characteristics (moment order 0, 1 and 2) . This method gives automatically a classification of all the objects present in the field and defines the zero level of coding. When the objects contain points of ramification, their shape are modelled with several primary figures, a higher level of coding is then defined. This procedure leads to a more or less precise representation of the object to be recognized ; the choice of the level representation depends on the current application . All the steps, computation of geometrical properties, identification of parameters and construction of an arborescent pattern of structure are obtained in one pass mode. This method is particularly well suited when the image analysis is sequential (Une by line) and avoids a storage of the total image.
Subject: Traitement image; Analyse image; Reconnaissance image; Codage; Reconnaissance forme; Classification; Vision artificielle; Robotique
Publisher: GRETSI, Saint Martin d'Hères, France
Date: 1987

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